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Nginx ingress with Cloudflare origin SSL/TLS


When using Cloudflare, you have the option to only allow traffic from Cloudflare servers to terminate SSL.

In simple speak, cloudflare uses a self-signed SSL certificate to connect from their servers to yours.

We can set up Nginx-ingress to honour this

How it works

Using the below diagram, the browser (you) connects to cloudflare, then cloudflare servers connect to your origin server (your webserver) and it uses its own SSL certificate to ensure it's encrypted, then it communicates back to cloudflare then to you

BrowserOrigin ServerCloudflare

We crete a certificate that acts as a norma SSL certificate as far as cloudflare is concerned, however this one is self siged.

We then download a pem file from Cloudflare which enabled client certificate authentication, which prevents people accessing the application if they don't have the certificate. Pretty much ensures access can only be made via cloudflare

Creating SSL Certificate

DNS settings

You must set your DNS setting for the domain (eg: to use proxied otherwise this wont work

In cloudflare, select your domain then navigate to SSL/TLS > Origin server

Enable Authenticated Origin pulls

Click Create Certificate

Select Generate private key and CSR with cloudflare and select RSA (2048)

Fill out the domain name

You can select how long you want the certificate to be valid for, default is 15 years

Create the files locally

Once you've clicked Create from the previous screen, you are presented with 2 text boxes

  • Origin Certificate
  • Private Key

Copy the Origin certificate in to a file called cf.crt

Copy the Private key in to a file called cf.key

Enable Strict SSL

Click Overview on the **SSL/TLS** navbar

Under the top box, there is an option called Full (strict), enable this

Download the Cloudflare Origin CA root certificate


Create kubernetes secrets

Create cloudflare TLS Secret

This secret is used to ensure that requests are real and are coming from the cloudflare network

kubectl create secret generic cloudflare-tls-secret --from-file=ca.crt=./authenticated_origin_pull_ca.pem

Create SSL Certificate

kubectl create secret tls cloudflare-origin-server --key cf.key --cert cf.crt

Configure nginx ingress

Configure the below lines for your ingress.

Make sure to chang <namespace> to the namespace where the secret is created

kind: Ingress
  annotations: "true" <namespace>/cloudflare-tls-secret "on" "1"
  name: name
  ingressClassName: nginx
  - host: <host-from-cloudflare>
      - backend:
            name: <service-name>
              number: <service-port>
        path: /
        pathType: Prefix
  - hosts:
    - <host-from-cloudflare>
    secretName: cloudflare-origin-server

Once created, get the ingress IP

kubectl get ingress <name>


NAME            HOSTS     ADDRESS         PORTS     AGE
basic-ingress   *    80        2m

You should now set your DNS to use this IP address

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