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Compute Engine


Live migration and availability policy

Your running instance is migrated to another host in the same zone

Does not change any attributes

Supports Local SSD's 

NOT supported for GPU;s

It's configured under Availability policy 

Default is to migrate 

You can also configure terminate and automatic restart. 

Custom machine types

You are able to create your own machine types and instance settings

You are billed per vcpu and memory provisioned 


You are able to add a GPU to your machines

They are good for AI/ML use

Should have GPU libraries 

Higher cost

Not supported on all machine types

Cant do live migration on GPU machines. Should be terminated instance. 

Important nat things to remember.

VMs are created underProjects 

Machine types and availability differ from region to region

You can only change a machine type after the instance has stopped 

VM's can be filtered on the page

They are Zonal so only run in a specific zone

Images are global and can be added to other projects if needs be

Templates are global unless you use zonal resources 

Automated Basic Monitoring

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