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Unifi device stuck in Adoption failed


This can happen when the wind blows the wrong way quite frankly

This error is identifiable by the below error message

Adoption Failed


How to resolve

Sometimes this issue will go away on its own. Sometimes it requires quite an aggressive approach.

How to follow this guide

Best to follow this guide one section after another. Between each step check in the Unifi Console

Restart the controller

You can either reboot the controller, or restart the service

systemctl restart unifi
reboot now

Reset the Access point

Open Settings > System > Device SSH Authentication

Make a note of the SSH password and Username.

SSH to the access point

ssh <username>@<ip>

When prompted, type in the password from the UI.

Do not power down the device

Doing so will brick the Access Point

You will get a shell, run the below

sudo restore-default

The SSH session will time out after about 5 minutes.

Check the console, perhaps the device says it's ready for adoption

Delete the access point from the database

This could break things badly

If something goes wrong, it could break the unifi install quite badly.

SSH to the Unifi controller Not the access point

Open a connection to the Database

mongo --port 27117

Use the ace database

use ace

Using the Mac address from the UI, replace <mac> in the below and run the command

db.device.remove({"mac" : "<mac>"})

The exit the database


Restart the controller

systemctl restart unifi

You now need to set the inform URL on the access point

Adopt the access point

Assumes you reset the access point

The below assumes you've reset the access point

SSH to the access point

Username and password are ubnt

ssh ubnt@<ip>

Set the inform for the controller

set-inform http://<ip/hostname>:8080/inform

In the console it will show the device as pending adoption.

What if this didn't work?

Sorry, this is what worked for me.


  • Reset the access point
  • Upgrade the access point
  • Restart the controller
  • Delete from the database
  • Restart the controller
  • Set Inform

If that doesn't work, it may be worth resetting the controller all together

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