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Google cloud architect - page 3

Additional Services

Cloud Scheduler

  • Cloud Scheduler
    • Fully managed cloud enterprise scheduling tool
    • Batch, data jobs, cloud infra operations
    • Integrates with:
      • App engine, pub/sub, cloud logging, http endpoint
      • Automatic endpoint
    • Use case:
      • Schedule a message on PubSub
    • Needs an app-engine app in the project
      • App Engine Cron Service
        • Runs on top of this

Cloud DNS

  • DNS
    • You can setup DNS management via GCP
    • Public
      • Web accessible sites
    • Private
      • Only accessible from a VPC or subnet

Pricing calculator

  • Pricing calculator
    • How to estimate it?
    • use the Google cloud pricing calculator
    • Estimates for 40+ services
    • These are just estimates


  • Anthos
    • Run your K8 cluster and on premise
    • Multi-cluster management
    • Consistent managed k8's
    • Central config management
      • Central git repo where it's managed from
      • Logically grouping
        • Environs
    • Provides a service mesh
      • Istio
      • A/B testing
      • Canary rollouts

Machine Learning

  • ML
  • Prebuilt ML
    • No in house ML
  • Easy to use
  • Cloud AutoML
    • Build custom ML models with developers having limited ML Expertise
  • AI Platform
    • Help Data scientists build custom models (tensorflow) 
  • Data Management
    • Big query ML
      • can actually build models directly


  • Apigee
    • Rest API
    • Managing a REST API isn't easy
      • Implementing multiple versions of your API isn't easy
    • Design secure and publish your API
    • manage the complete lifecycle
    • Provides AI powered monitoring
    • Enable caching with cloudCDN
    • Allows developers to access a simple development portal

Google Cloud architecture framework

Operational Excellence

  • Operational Excellence
    • Monitor the business objectives
      • SLA
      • SLO
      • KPI
    • Test DR
    • Increase software releases and velocity
  • Business health
    • Latency
    • Traffic
    • Errors
    • Saturation
  • Logging
    • Ensure efficient amount of logs
  • DR
    • RTO
      • Recovery time objective 
    • RPO
      • Recovery point objective
    • Regularly test this plan
    • Schedule a persistent disk snapshot and copy across regions
    • Use cloudDNS

Security, Privacy and compliance

  • Plan security controls and privacy
  • Strategies
    • implement least privilege
    • Build a layered approach
    • Automate deployment of sensitive tasks
  • Manage auth
    • Follow IAM best practices
      • Understand when to use a service account 
    • Use organization policy service
      • Allowing what can and cant be done in the account
  • Enable node-autoupgrade for GKE
  • Use GKE sandbox when running untrusted code
  • Secure the network
    • Use a carefully desigend VPC
    • Isolate workloads in to each VPC per project
    • Can control ingress with Ingress and egress rules
    • Use Network intelligence centre 
  • Use Object versioning 
  • Use DLP for sanitizing data 
  • Audit with Infrastructure logs


  • Reliability
    • Measrable goals
    • Architect for HA, scale and automatic change managment
    • Stratergies
      • KPI, SLA, SLO
      • Small changes
      • Rollback 
      • Instriment systems for observability
      • Document and automate emergency responses
  • Degrade services gracefully
    • Serve a static page when a site is down
  • Predict peak traffic events
    • Scale and plan
  • Build flexible 
    • Ensure all changes can be rolled back
  • Slow progressive rollouts
  • Build efficient alerting
  • Reducing mean time to detect (MTTD)

Performance and cost optimization

  • Use autoscaling and data processing
  • Try serverless options
  • Distribute load with a global LB
  • Identify apps to tune
    • Cloud tracing
    • cloud debugging 
    • cloud profiler 
  • Analyze costs
    • Export billing data to BQ
      • Use google Data studio
      • Use preemptible vms for non-critical fault tolerant vms 


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