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Drone laws

Weight of the drone

We assume your drone weighs less than 250g

Drone laws

Maximum height

120 meters (400ft) from the ground


Flying close to people

You can.

Remember, you must never put people in danger. Even small drones and model aircraft could injure people if you don’t fly them safely.

If you’re flying a drone or model aircraft that’s below 250g, you can fly closer to people than 50m, and you can fly over them.

Crowded people

Not allowed to fly near large crowds of people

residential, recreational, commercial and industrial sites

You can fly here.

You can fly small drones and model aircraft that are lighter than 250g at residential, recreational, commercial and industrial sites.

Remember, you must always fly safely.

Examples of residential, recreational, commercial and industrial sites

Residential sites include:

  • individual residential buildings
  • small groups of residential buildings
  • housing estates
  • villages
  • cities and towns
  • schools

Recreational sites include:

  • tourist attractions
  • sports facilities
  • beaches and parks
  • theme parks

Commercial sites include

  • shopping centres
  • warehouses
  • business parks

Industrial sites include:

  • factories
  • docks
  • rail and transport hubs

Stay well away from airports, airfields, spaceports and aircraft


If you endanger the safety of an aircraft, you could go to prison for five years.

Respect other people and their privacy

Don't take videos or photos of peoples back gardens or though their windows

Make sure you can be clearly seen when you’re out flying

This is to enable people to contact you

Keep photos and videos secure

Delete images you no longer need

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