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Reset windows to factory defaults and erase all data


When passing a laptop to a new person, selling or donating you want to remove all personal documents and settings


Open command prompt as Administrator

  1. Open the windows start menu
  2. Type Command Prompt
  3. Right-click on the black icon and the words
  4. Click Run as Administrator

Open the reset dialogue

In the command prompt window (Black box)

Type the below

systemreset factoryreset

Press the enter key

Reset everything

A blue window similar to the below should open


Select the option that says Remove Everything

Remove everything

This option will delete everything on the computer, returning it to how you got ir from the store

Clean the drives

You will see a page like the below


Select Remove files and clean the drive

Ready to reset

You will see a final window that says Ready to Reset this PC

Resetting will wipe everything

This is your last chance to back out, and stop. Continuing will remove all data from the device

Click Reset


How long will this take

30 minutes to 2 hours

The computer has restarted

This is normal. Leave it for 2 hours and then it will be done

Can I recover files after resetting the computer


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