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Remote data in terraform

What is remote data

Remote data is the system in terraform that allows us to use outputs from other configs, in ours.

It sets the dependency on external resources, so should ideally be avoided. We should really use a data "" ""{} block

We have split this up in to 2 parts.

Part A: Contains the infrastructure

Part B: The infrastructure that needs data from Part A

Part A
resource "google_compute_address" "nat" {
  region  = var.region
  project = var.project
  name    = "${var.region}-nat"
output "gke-nat-ip-address" {
  value = google_compute_address.nat.address

Part B
data "terraform_remote_state" "init" {
  backend = "gcs"
  config = {
    bucket = "ip-setup"
    prefix = "nat"

We can then reference it via it's UID:


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