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Fly deployment Strategy


1 - Buildkit takes too long

Problem Statement

Using the Command as below, in the back end Fly copies the Docker file and the files it needs up to their Build instance, builds the image and pushes it to their internal Registry.

fly deploy --dockerfile dev.Dockerfile --config dev.toml

The issue here was we are now wasting time copying code from (in order):

Github <--> Codefresh <--> <--> Builder <--> Docker <--> Pull docker image and run


The solution was to split the pipeline up, and point towards a pre-built docker image, hosted on Docker hub.

2 - Latency in the US

Problem Statement

As most of my Visitors come from the US (See below)


I want to serve the content closer. Cloudflare is great for half this problem, as it caches some site in the USA.

The issue then becomes when a page is stale, it has to fetch the site from the UK.

Solution has the ability to deploy apps in multiple regions at the same time, with what I think is the same IP address?

See Fly Regions on how to set this up

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