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Set grocy to use pritunl Zero usernames


Grocy allows you to set a username field passed as a header from a reverse proxy.

This makes it easier to provision users and not mess about with creating users in 2 places.


Firstly we need to find the headers that it passes.

Luckily I have done this already in Pritunl Forwarded Headers

The Header we need is:

  • X-Forwarded-User

Configure Grocy

Open the config.php file located in config/data/config.php

Edit the line:

79 and 82

Update them to the below:

// Either "Grocy\Middleware\DefaultAuthMiddleware", "Grocy\Middleware\ReverseProxyAuthMiddleware"
// or any class that implements Grocy\Middleware\AuthMiddleware
Setting('AUTH_CLASS', 'Grocy\Middleware\ReverseProxyAuthMiddleware');

// Options when using ReverseProxyAuthMiddleware
Setting('REVERSE_PROXY_AUTH_HEADER', 'X-Forwarded-User'); // The name of the HTTP header which your reverse proxy uses to pass the username (on successful authentication)

Create users in Pritunl

Now you need to creat a user in Pritunl.

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