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Show Broadband password on EE router

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If you want to use a different router with your EE connection, you need to know the PPPoE username and password.

On the EE form, there is a user who claims that the password is made up of the username, but EE have since changed this

How to get the password

Login to your router

Browse to the Ip address (Probably

Click on Advanced Setings


Click on Boradband


You will need to log in with the password on the bottom of your router.

You should see a page like the below


Open Dev tools

On your keyboard press f12 (on a mac fn + f12)

Click on Console on the Dev tools


Find the password

With Dev Tools open on the Console tab, paste in the below


Press enter


You will see the password show up, you will need to be quick to copy and paste it out to a notepad document


You are now free to do what ever you want with this password.

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