Installing jellyfin

curl -fsSL -o get-docker.shsh
apt-get install docker-compose

Before running the Jellyfin Container. We need to make 3 folders: Make a folder called Jellyfin, and create the 3 folders inside the Jellyfin Folder.

  • Config
  • Cache
  • Media
mkdir -p Path/To/Config
mkdir -p Path/To/Cache
mkdir -p Path/To/Media

(may need sudo)

docker pull jellyfin/jellyfin


Create a docker-compose.yml file with the following contents:

version: "3"
  image: jellyfin/jellyfin
  user: 1000:1000
  network_mode: "host"
    - /path/to/config:/config
    - /path/to/cache:/cache
    - /path/to/media:/media

Then while in the same folder as the docker-compose.yml run:

docker-compose up

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