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Update terraform version

tfupdate terraform -r ./

Update google

tfupdate provider -r google ./

Update google-beta

tfupdate provider -r google-beta ./

Update Cloudflare

tfupdate provider cloudflare -v "$(tfupdate release latest cloudflare/terraform-provider-cloudflare)" .

Update Digital Ocean

tfupdate provider digitalocean -v "$(tfupdate release latest digitalocean/terraform-provider-digitalocean)" .
tfupdate release latest terraform-providers/terraform-provider-google

Update google using revision versioning

tfupdate provider google -v ">= $(tfupdate release latest terraform-providers/terraform-provider-google)" -r ./

Update google-beta using revision versioning

tfupdate provider google-beta -v ">= $(tfupdate release latest terraform-providers/terraform-provider-google-beta)" -r ./

Update terraform using revision versioning

tfupdate terraform -v ">= $(tfupdate release latest hashicorp/terraform)" -r ./



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