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Authenticate to Fly docker Registry

What run their own Docker registry we can push images to. I'm still working out what the difference between the 2 is in terms of speed, as you have to take in to factor:

  • Pushing from Codefresh
  • Pulling from Docker hub to their Infrastructure


Command line

The flyctl tool has a built-in docker auth section

fly auth docker

This then authenticates you, and you can view the image your app is running with

fly image show --config app.toml

External Applications

When to use this

This should really only be used when you're authenticating to external systems, like Codefresh.

GitHub Actions

Navigate to the Personal Access Tokens page

Create a token called githubactions

Create an Actions secret called FLY_API_TOKEN and paste the token in.

      - name: Login to Fly Registry
        uses: docker/login-action@v2
          username: x
          password: ${{ secrets.FLY_API_TOKEN }}


Navigate to the Personal Access Tokens page

Create a token called codefresh-registry

In codefresh, go to Account settings and then Create a new Docker Registry

Use the below values

Field Name Value
Registry name fly
Username x
Password Token from the website

In your codefresh steps, now consume it:

    title: "Prod Docker Build"
    type: "build"
    working_directory: "/codefresh/volume/<name of repo>/"
    image_name: "<name of project>"
    tag: "${{CF_SHORT_REVISION}}"
    dockerfile: "Dockerfile"
    stage: "build-docker"
    registry: fly

This will build an image names:<name of project>:<git hash>

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