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Fly regions and scaling

This page contains the commands you need to scale an application and add new regions

List applications

fly apps list

List regions

fly platform regions
Fly Regions
CODE    NAME                            GATEWAY
ams     Amsterdam, Netherlands          ✓
cdg     Paris, France                   ✓
den     Denver, Colorado (US)
dfw     Dallas, Texas (US)              ✓
ewr     Secaucus, NJ (US)
fra     Frankfurt, Germany              ✓
gru     São Paulo
hkg     Hong Kong, Hong Kong            ✓
iad     Ashburn, Virginia (US)          ✓
jnb     Johannesburg, South Africa
lax     Los Angeles, California (US)    ✓
lhr     London, United Kingdom          ✓
maa     Chennai (Madras), India         ✓
mad     Madrid, Spain
mia     Miami, Florida (US)
nrt     Tokyo, Japan                    ✓
ord     Chicago, Illinois (US)          ✓
otp     Bucharest, Romania
scl     Santiago, Chile                 ✓
sea     Seattle, Washington (US)        ✓
sin     Singapore, Singapore            ✓
sjc     San Jose, California (US)       ✓
syd     Sydney, Australia               ✓
waw     Warsaw, Poland
yul     Montreal, Canada
yyz     Toronto, Canada                 ✓

Show regions

fly regions list --config <env>.toml

Add regions

fly regions add dfw --config <env>.toml

Remove regions

fly regions remove dfw --config <env>.toml

Scale application with max per region

fly scale count 4 --max-per-region=2 --config <env>.toml

Not set

You will see Max Per Region: Not set - This is a known issue but the value is set. Check the status

Status of application

fly status -a <app name>

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