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Release FLY IP address


Fly (Like everyone) sits on alot of IP address' - and they're in short supply.

You now get charged $1.75 per IP address

How to release

List apps

First you need to list the apps you want to remove IPV4 address from

fly apps list

List IP's associated with those apps

assuming your app is called my-app

fly ips list -a my-app

You will get a print-out like the below

VERSION IP                      TYPE    REGION  CREATED AT
v4          public  global  2022-11-14T11:05:31Z
v6      2a09:8280:1::a:9a97     public  global  2022-11-14T11:05:35Z

Release IP's

fly ips release -a my-app

Which will return

Released from documentation-dev

Assign Shared IP

As soon as you remove the IP address, the DNS will fail, even for the domain

fly ips allocate-v4 --shared -a my-app

This will assign a shared (free) IP address to the application

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