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Consumer Unit


You should not have to interface with this during normal operations.


Laundry Room


Problems you may have

No power

If you're using a device and the power goes out suddenly (Eg: Lights all go off) - It's probably the Consumer Unit

Safety warning

Ensure your hands are dry, and you have not been in contact with water

Open the cover, by hinging it upwards. Once it stops, do not push any harder.

Locate the switch that is down. A good example of this is the heaters in the above photo

Flip the switch up in a fast jerking motion

Water spilled on heater

Turn off the main switch on the right hand side, and leave off till Bradley is home to resolve.

This is to prevent electrical shock, or loss of life.

Switches that should remain down

During the summer months, and when we go away on holiday, we may turn off devices from the fuse board.

However, during normal operation we will not have the heating turned on.

This is because we cant afford the power bill - Wikipedia

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