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Aqua Page 2

Module 7

  • Services
    • Comprises the following
      • Enforcement mode:
        • How aqua handles the policy 
  • Firewall 
    • Logical groups if workloads
  • Defined by scope of service
  • main purpose is to apply one or more firewall policies
    • Policies contain rules
  • Can add rules in 2 ways
    • Add firewall rules though the UI
    • View during running then lock down

Module 8: Secrets

  • How to integrate with existing key store
  • How to inject it in to the workload

  • Central management 

  • Automatically injects in to running container
  • Secrets are encrypted in transit

Secrets need to be added as an env variable, image needs tags

      - env:
        - name: bradley
          value: '{aqua.bradley}'

Module 9: Serverless

GCP is supported when scanning before run

Only AWS supports runtime protection

How it protects:

  • Secures serverless functions at run time
  • Runtime assurance
    • Nano-enforcer allows Aqua to carry out runtime protection
    • Does not work for GCP

Module 11: Aqua-api and aquactl

  • Aquactl can be used to inject nano-enforcers as well as
  • Download Manifests 

Module 12: Aqua for dev

  • Before building, understand the use case

  • Evaluation:

  • Make use of opensource tools
  • Can you use the API


  • Check audit/ci
  • check running containers
  • Check risk explorer to get high level overviews 

Module 13: Aqua for Admin

  • Database and vm enforcers are required for the same version
  • backwards compatible :
    • Enforcers and vm enforcers up to 2 versions
    • Micro enforcers and kube enforcers: 1 Major version

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