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You have most likely followed a link from Bookstack, my old documentation site.

This is the new site for all documentation.

I have done my best to preserve the directory structure from Bookstack, but some pages have new homes.


All the content pages are set up to redirect to their new homes.

You can have a look at the redirects Here


Bookstack had the below structure for pages

└── bookstack
    └── book
        └── chapter
            └── page

An example of this would be for the page VPN Network routing Mikrotik

Its URL is

And if we were to visualize the directory it would be:

└── bookstack
    └── KB Artickes
        └── Networking
            └── VPN Network routing Mikrotik

I am not redirecting from the section "KB Articles" - Only the pages as no one other than my self will be linking to chapters.

Missing pages you and your team relied on

If you or your team relied on a page, please drop me an email and I will crack it out the archive store for you!

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